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All the erotic DVD and fetish DVD that you are looking for are here !

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The best french BDSM fetish shop in France since more than 20 years

Click here to discover our BDSM fetish shop in France La boutique de Zaza

European and American customers are warmly welcomed in ZAZA fetish online shop. We can answer in english language to all your questions.

ZAZA welcomes you in her erotic and fetish shop with thousands of BDSM DVD and fetish DVD really in stock, really ready to be shipped to you in a discreet box by registered express mail. You can buy in ZAZA's fetish shop : sadomasochist DVD, fetish DVD, Mistresses' DVD, submissive women's DVD, fetish clothes in PVC or latex or leather, bdsm clothes, fetish books, high heel boots and shoes, bdsm magazines, the famous french fetish magazine Dresseuse, fetish corsets for women and men and transvestites, fetish comic books, bdsm adult gear, intimate jewelry for sex and nipples... and much much more !

ZAZA's fetish shop is open since more than 10 years. We guarantee you a serious service with all the confidentiality that you need : your name and adress will only be used by ZAZA company. Your parcels are prepared and sent the day when we received your order or the following day.

ZAZA company is also the publisher of the famous french fetish magazine Dresseuse.

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Would you like to know better the content of ZAZA fetish website before entering ? You can read below what the famous ZAZA bdsm store is selling.


In ZAZA fetish store, you can buy online many fantastics BDSM DVD and fetish gears :


Thousands of real BDSM DVD.

BDSM DVD of the most fabulous fetish movies like Story of O DVD or Maîtresse DVD from Barbet Schroeder.

Beautiful fetish DVD from artistic fetish movies and artistic BDSM movies

Fetish DVD from real french Mistresses and real German Mistresses and real American Mistresses.

BDSM DVD with Mistresses laughing of men, DVD with Mistresses spiting on men, DVD with Mistresses walking on men, DVD with Mistresses commanding men to eat their own cum, DVD with Mistresses humiliating men, DVD with Mistresses using men as furniture, DVD with Mistresses using men as carpets under their high heels, DVD with Mistresses faceslaping men, DVD with Mistresses fucking men with their feet, DVD with Mistresses fist-fucking men, DVD with Mistresses fucking men with one finger...

BDSM DVD from real submissive women with real submissive young women students.

OWK DVD with the real BDSM Mistresses from The Other World Kingdom.

An incredible choice of foot fetish DVD and feet fetish DVD : men licking toes, Mistresses trampling men, students using men as feet slaves, men licking the sole of women shoes, men jerking on Mistresses' boots, men licking their own sperm on Mistresses' shoes, women walking on men like on carpets, male slaves wanking while watching their Mistresses feet, men sucking the high heels fo their Mistresses...

A fabulous choice of transvestite DVD with women turning men into submissives women slaves and submissive sissy maids : Mistresses changing men to women by forcing them to wear feminine underwear and women's clothes, Mistresses transforming men into real women, Mistresses fucking men like women with strapon dildos, Mistresses commanding their submissive transvestites to suck the cock of other males, Mistresses puting make-up on men's faces, lesbians couples using sissy maids to clean their house, Mistresses forcing men to wear feminine lingerie under their pants...

A wonderful choice of BDSM DVD with Mistresses fucking men with strap-on dildos : Mistresses commanding men to suck their strapon dildos, women fucking men in the ass with their strapon dildos, young students women fucking old men with their strapon dildos, Mistresses and dominatrix ordering men to jerk on their strapon dildos and to lick their cum clean...

BDSM DVD with husbands dominated by their wives.

A wonderful choice of face-sitting DVD with women sitting on men's faces, young students wearing jeans sitting on old mens' faces, Mistresses sitting on men's faces with their panties or without their panties, Mistresses sitting on men's faces and wanking them with their hand until they come, women using men's faces as pillows...

All the spanking DVD are here ! DVD with women spanking women. DVD with students spanked by women. DVD with men spanked by women. DVD with men spanking women. And you will be able to find all the spanking DVD that you like : spanking with bare hands, spanking with a cane on a bare bottom, spanking on white coton panties, spanking with a paddle, spanking with a riding crop, spanking with a whip... If you're looking for real spanking DVD, you are in the best french spanking shop. The spanking store for all the real spanking fans !

Catfights DVD, women fighting women DVD, women fighting men DVD, students women fighting together DVD, naked fights DVD, underwear fights, naked women boxing naked women DVD, women wrestling women DVD, women wrestling men DVD : all the best wrestling DVD are in ZAZA wrestling store.

BDSM DVD with Mistresses shitting on men, BDSM DVD with Mistresses pissing on men, BDSM DVD with Mistresses using men as toilet slaves for shit and piss, fetish DVD with Mistresses using their slaves' mouths as toilets bowls !

Spitting DVD with Mistresses spitting on men, BDSM DVD with Mistresses spitting in men's mouthes, SM DVD with Mistresses who spit on men's faces, fetish DVD with Mistresses who spit on men's asses !

DVD with submissive lesbians are also available in ZAZA fetish superstore : the best fetish store in France. DVD with lesbians slavegirls humiliated by their Mistresses, DVD with lesbians slavegirls sucking the feet of their Mistresses, DVD with young lesbians being the slaves of sadistic women, DVD with young lesbians slavegirls being fucked by strapon dildos...

Real latex DVD for all the latex clothes addicts are available in ZAZA latex store.

The most exquisite BDSM books and fetish books are available in ZAZA fetish online shop : BDSM guides, fetish manuals...

Wonderful fetish photo books and fetish drawings books are also available in ZAZA fetish bookstore : the best fetish bookstore on internet in France !

French number 1 BDSM magazine Dresseuse is also available in ZAZA BDSM bookstore, you will find also many BDSM and fetish magazines.

ZAZA BDSM online superstore still sells real BDSM and fetish videotapes that are very hard to find.

High heel shoes and fetish leather boots are also available at ZAZA fetish shoestore.

The most beautiful BDSM and fetish corsets are available at ZAZA fetish corset store with corsets for Mistresses, corsets for submissive women, corsets for transvestites, corsets for men, corsets for sissy maids. ZAZA is really a fantastic fetish superstore for all corsets addicts !

Fantastic fetish clothes in PVC for women and for men are also available at ZAZA fetish online shop. ZAZA is the true fetish wear specialist in France : PVC wear, PVC fashion, gothic clothes, fetish lingerie, transvestites fetish clothes for men...

Extraordinary fetish clothes in latex and rubber for women and for men are also available at ZAZA fetish online store. ZAZA is the best fetish wear specialist in France : rubberwear, latex clothes, latex fashion, latex lingerie, catsuits in latex, catsuits in rubber, latex underwear, male panty with dildo inside, rubber fashion, transvestites fetish clothes for men...

Leather fetish clothes, leather fetish gear, leather fetish equipment are also avalaible at ZAZA fetish fashion store : the best fetish fashion store online in France !

Fetish BDSM gear for Mistresses, for Masters, for submissive women and for submissive men is also available at ZAZA SM shop.

Non-pierced nipples' jewelry, balls' jewelry, cocks' jewelry : all the intimate fetish jewelry is in ZAZA fetish jewelry store.

Women underwear for transvestites, women lingerie for feminized men, sissy clothes for sissy maids : all the sissy slaves and the sissy maids are well welcomed at ZAZA transvetite shop, the best store for transvestites and sissy maids in France.

... and much more ! And If you don't find something fetish that you are looking for on ZAZA fetish superstore, just ask us !

We can answer in english language to all your questions.

European customers, American customers and Canadian customers are friendly welcomed on ZAZA erotic and fetish store

The best french bdsm fetish store ZAZA is delivering the finest bdsm DVD all over the world. If you're looking for very special bdsm DVD with real bdsm mistresses and real bdsm dominant women, the ZAZA bdsm fetish store is the best place to buy in France with thousands of bdsm Mistresses' DVD. If you're looking for bdsm DVD with real bdsm submissive women and submissive young french students, we've got them in stock and they are ready to be shipped to you : the ZAZA fetish bdsm store will send your DVD in 24 hours after we've received your order. The ZAZA bdsm store is opened since more than 10 years.


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